A Slider refers to slideshow in a website. A classic example of slider in a website is a carousel which showcases products or photos. Sliders are incorporated in all sort of websites, but are used mainly in business websites, ecommerce stores to showcase content in form of relevant product portfolios.
To help you in selecting and choosing the best Slider WordPress plugins from gamut of slider plugins available in the marketplace. I have narrowed down the search to BEST 4 WORDPRESS SLIDER PLUGINS which helps in creating the best sliders for you websites, with all sort of basic and advanced features.
By end of this article, you will definitely find the best and most suitable slider plugin for you website.

So Let’s get started with




With more than 800 k active installs Smart Slider 3 is the best Slider plugin. With Smart Slider3 create standard sliders, complex carousels, blocks and full page sliders and with 180 + templates change anything you want from images, videos etc.

Create complete custom layouts with dynamic data by loading content from different sources like Facebook, RSS Feeds, Twitter, YouTube and your WordPress blogposts as per filters matching selected categories and tags.

Smart Slider 3 plugin helps in creating a Wow affect with help of animations and effects to slides. Apply animations presets to any layers or customize layers with type, speed, easing and direction. Add timeline to layers where delay and duration can be changed.

Add animations to text, words easily and add 70+ background animations like fade, zoom rotate etc. and use Ken Burns’ slider effect which gives the illusion of motion on simple still images. Add visual punch to your slides with moving shapes and lines, dots, triangles, and polygons.

With Smart Slider Plugin 3 In just a couple of clicks add animated 3D parallax effect to your background images and layers on mouse or scroll.

Smart Sliders 3 helps in total styling freedom in respect to typography like font styles, font sizes and other text elements. Customize background color and gradients. Control the alignment of layers with help of Flexbox, and create complex layouts with ease.

Smart Slider3 are responsive by default, so look beautiful on all devices. Smart Slider loads very fast with superior compression of images.

With Smart Slider 3 eases the process of creating sliders with Drag and Drop, responsive editing, image cropping, copy and paste the entire style from one layer to another, undo and redo, also import or export you sliders to any other site with ease and much more.



Master Slider WordPress slider plugin is a premium image and content slider with super smooth hardware accelerated transitions. The main feature of Master Slider is Touch Swipe Navigation which makes a perfectly uniform experience just like you would find on iOS or Android devices. On desktop browsers, touch swipe is deployed in a similar manner but utilized mouse dragging.

Master Slider provided Drag and Drop style editor, provides real time previews, allows aligning of objects, snapping and positioning of layers. With help of visual style editor and visual transition editor one can create sliders with ease and in no time.

Master Slider is not only responsive but is fine-tuned to act appropriately in many different viewing environments. With Master Slider embed videos from YouTube, Vimeo. Master Slider helps in Creating a unique user-experience with circle hotspots and build powerful call-to-actions, map pins and product identifiers directly in the slides.

Create post sliders directly from blog posts or create engaging woo commerce products sliders.
With Master Slider add Parallax Effect while scrolling, add Layers Parallax Effect while swiping, add layers Parallax Effect while Moving Mouse over Slide and much more.

Master Slider is SEO friendly with sematic Mark up and use of various types of HTML elements including headings, paragraph and lists to fine-tune your slider’s markup for SEO. With 70+pre built sliders with various features creating sliders according to your content and requirements is very ease.



With Drag and Drop editor and 200+templates to choose from makes sliders and carousels easily. Also you get 2000 + royalty-free media library at your fingertips all included in this cutting-edge Slider Revolution including Background images, videos, object PNGs, font icons & SVGs, premade layer groups and many more!

With Slider Revolution make sliders and carousels with flexible sizes, unique animations and full layer controls with amazing layouts. Apart from this create HERO blocks, which can be used in header section or anywhere you can imagine. Hero blocks build with Slider Revolution can be anything between a simple background image with title text, or a fully animated and interactive, visual presentation.

With Slider Revolution 6 add-ons offer cutting-edge features that continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible in web design from particles, distortions or bubble morphs to type writer and paintbrush effects and more.

Slider Revolution sliders can be placed anywhere you want via Gutenberg Blocks, via short codes etc.
Lastly with Slider Revolution making sliders and carousels is like work done in minutes with ease.



All In One Slider is an Advanced Slider WordPress plugin which comes in 5 variants: Banner Rotator, Thumbnails Banner, and Banner with Playlist, Content Slider, and Carousel.

All the variants has touch screen navigation support for mobile,3 predefined skins, animated text from any direction, auto play and loop parameters. Add YouTube, Vimeo videos also you can insert multiple instances in the same page with the same skin or using a different skin.

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