April 3, 2024

All Companies, big or small strive to maximize sales and build wonderful customer relationships for which CRM or Customer Relationship Management software is important. The Best CRM software facilitates collecting leads and managing customer data. In this guide, we will showcase the 14 Best CRM software, along with my top 5 Picks, so that you select the best CRM for you.

As businesses grow and become more competitive, sales teams and business owners require a systematic way to track customers at every point of the customer journey.

This is where CRM software comes into the picture.

CRM or Customer Relationship Software helps in nurturing leads across all channels, ensuring hassle-free customer journey, and finally helping in converting Leads into Sales.

CRM helps to manage and improve company interaction with customers through Email Marketing, Lead generation and marketing Automation.

Around 91% of companies, with more than 10 employes are using CRM software to build better customer relationships and drive more sales, so it’s very important to understand and select which is The Best Customer Relationship software for you.

My Top Picks


After reviewing and using different CRM software having various features, analysing both for small business CRM’s to large enterprise CRM’s, we have shortlisted the BEST CRM software.

SalesForce Best #1 Enterprise CRM Software

SalesForce -#1 CRM Software

Salesforce is the world’s #1 CRM software and the most trusted name in the industry with over 150000 customers. It’s an integrated Cloud-based CRM software helping marketing, sales, customer service, and IT teams to work from anywhere, so customers are happy everywhere.


Benefits of Salesforce.

    • Personalized Marketing  – With Salesforce, increase customers with complete marketing solutions, leveraging customer data from multiple sources and sending highly targeted, personalized messages.

    • Relationship Management–This module helps sales teams increase productivity and revenue, by developing long-term relationships with customers. This is done by advising and solutions based on customers’ needs and concerns, automating regular tasks, and admin work.

    • Sales Management – This feature helps to make the shopping experience seamless by unifying B2B and B2C buying experiences, connecting sales data with other departments, using AI and continuous sales innovations.

    • Customer Management – This module helps in resolving customer issues faster, Improves support response time, and integrates email, phone, chat, and other support from one dashboard.

    • Marketing Automation—Salesforce helps in streamlining all business processes across all departments, with data transformation, automating business processes, integrating with apps, and using AI resulting in more leads and sales.


    • Email Integration with Gmail or Outlook to automatic sync email data with CRM

    • Access CRM data from anywhere with the help Mobile App.

    • Capture Leads and set up automatic lead scoring to follow up the right lead at the right time.

    • Forecast and plan sales cycle from pipeline to complete sales, manage sales expectations with collaborative forecasting

    •  Automate simple tasks of internal processes with simple clicks with Approval and Workflow Automations.

    • 24/7 customer support and configurations services.


Salesforce offers a boutique of products, with varied pricing. However, the subscription plans start from $25 per month per user, and most advance is priced at $1250 per month per user. (All plans are billed annually).

Salesforce is the best #1 CRM for all sorts of businesses.

Monday Best and Versatile CRM Software

Monday #2 Versatile CRM 

Monday helps in customizing your workflows with ease to collect and track all your customer data from lead generations to post-sales support.

Monday is the best choice if you want to alter, or change anything related to the sales pipeline, and workflow with help of ready-to-use 200+ templates.


Monday is the most go-to CRM tool for companies requiring a complete view of customer data in a single dashboard.

Everything is customized as per your need from layouts, reports, and customer data so that you can see it the way you want.

Key Features

    • It’s easy-to-use interface requires no formal training for team members.

    • Create an ideal workflow within minutes or choose from 200 + readymade workflow templates.

    • Fully Customized tables help you to visualize the data as you want.

    • You can fully access Monday CRM while on the go with Mobile App.

    • Automate routine tasks within minutes, so you can focus on work that matters.

    • Monday CRM facilitates easy integrations with 40 plus apps and tools you already use.


You get a 14 day’s free trial across all plans, which helps in exploring all features of Monday CRM.

After that, paid plans are as follows. (Minimum for 3 seats)

    • Individual–Free forever

    • Basic -$8/seat/per month

    • Standard -$10/seat/per month

    • Pro-$16/seat/per month

    • Enterprise–Custom plan contact sales.

Pipedrive – Best CRM for Sales Teams

PipeDrive #3 Best For Sales Teams

Pipedrive is all–in–one sales CRM for growing sales revenues with help of AI to automate repetitive tasks and manage and grow more sales. Over 100000 companies use them in 179 countries.

Key Features

    • Automation–With Automation you can automate any task, allowing you to auto nurture leads, so that you focus on other major tasks.

    • Lead Management: You can track leads and sales collected from web forms, Chabot on a 24/7 basis.

    • Fully customized Sales Pipeline: Customize and organize all the stages of sales cycles as per lead (hot, warm, or cold) allowing virtual representation of sales process, also create team pipelines and filter results as per rep or stage.

    • Mobile Apps: Access all your sales data on the go with help of a Mobile App

User Interface

PipeDrive provides an easy-to-use interface with all visual reports which help in providing all data at a glance and point them in the right direction to sales optimization.

Its dashboard is fully customized, to add custom fields to review and track any variable, filter and reveal winning deals, or bottlenecks.

Share your reports to anyone, whether they are Pipedrive users or not.

PipeDrive provides Email and Communication tracking from your dashboard to get live notifications whenever emails are opened, link clicks to follow up at the right time to the right lead.


PipeDrive offers four paid plans: (Free 14 day trail across all plans)

    • Essential : $12.5 /per user/ per month

    • Advanced : $24.9 /per user/ per month

    • Professional : $49.9 /per user/ per month

    • Enterprise: $99.0 /per user/ per month

PipeDrive provides various add-ons like

    • Lead Booster Add-on for getting more leads includes ChatBot, Live Chat, Web Forms, Scheduler

    • Web Visitors Add-on Get insights into the wants and needs of the hottest leads and existing customers while they are browsing your website.

    • Campaigns Add0n Create Email Campaigns with Pro templates, built for more clicks and reporting to drive more hot deals.

    • Smart Docs Addon Send proposals, quotes, and contracts from within Pipedrive and get notified when they are opened by customers, request e signs to close deals faster. Use tools you are comfortable with from Google Docs/Slides/Spreadsheets or MS Docs or PDFs

PipeDrive is Best CRM powering your Sales Teams for more leads and sales.

Zoho CRM Best CRM software for all types of Industries

Zoho #4 Best CRM for all Purpose

Zoho CRM provides a 360-degree view of your business, with boosting and tracking important sales, accurate data analysis to follow market trends, and better decision making and increased conversions.

Zoho helps 250000 customers in 180 countries to convert leads, engage more with customers and increase revenues which makes ZOHO CRM one of the top pick CRM software.

Key Features

    • Sales Automation: Automate your routine tasks, capture more leads with automated lead scoring, close more deals in less time, and real-time data of your customers.

    • Performance Management: With features like gamification, reporting, AI-Based predictions to prioritize leads and deals helps in more accurate sales forecasting and more leads.

    • Predictive Sales Intelligence: With help of an AI assistant Zia collect data, takes notes and predicts future sales, and detects anomalies.

    • Sales Enablement: It helps in generating quotes, and invoices, and accessing sales scripts.

    • Process Management: Helps to build a blueprint of the sales process, enabling the sales team to follow a definite set of rules in the sales process and review processes.

Other Features:

    • Omnichannel support via email, phone, live chat, and social media.

    • It provides a high level of Automation.

    • Highly Customizable.

    • Offers to view all data on mobile devices.

    • Integrate easily with third party tools like Zapier, email marketing tools like Mail chimp, Active Campaign and Google, and more.

    • Easily create groups, and tag other reps facilitating better Team Collaboration.

    • Get all real-time analytical reports of every sales activity.

    • Create a personalized customer journey to identify delays or loopholes in different stages and make changes with help of CommandCenter.

    • Enables sales teams to work, collaborate and work to the best of their potential remotely.

    • Provides data security, integrity, and regulatory compliance.

    • Provides 15 day’s free trial

    • Multi-Languages offered

    • Provide Developer Platform and SDKs to build and deploy secure, scalable, and enterprise-ready platforms.

Pricing Plans

  •    Standard – $14/user/per month.

    • Professional – $23/user/per month

    • Enterprise- $40/user/per month

    • Ultimate- $52/user/per month

Zoho CRM also offers free editions for up to three users.

HubSpot CRM BEST CRM with Marketing Tools

HubSpot #5 Best CRM for Marketing

HubSpot is an easy-to-use CRM with fully featured marketing solutions, CRM being the most popular offering.

HubSpot CRM platform is one of the Best CRM for sales professionals as it has all the tools and integrations which are time-saving. It is a great option for marketing, content management, and customer services teams to access all tools from a single platform.

They offer 100% free access to their software, with the option to upgrade to paid plans to access the entire marketing suite.

Key Features

    • Email and Marketing Hub: Send free and personalized emails and track results with traffic and conversion analytics.

    • Contact Management: Connect your Email inbox with CRM, automatically sync customers’ data and organize it in one place.

    • Customer Support Management: Provide ticketing, team emails, Live Chat, and Reporting to provide high-class customer services to your customers.

    • Sales Data Management: Sales team can view all sales data and sales pipeline journey with insights into all individual sales performances.

    • Third-Party Integrations: Easily connect and integrate with all major tools and apps like Google, Facebook, Gmail, WordPress, Zapier, and more


    • The free plan can be upgraded at any time.

    • Integrations of CRM with sales and marketing suites, which include Live Chat, Email marketing, landing pages, customer segmentation, and more

    • Free Form builder to capture leads.

    • Free Document Sharing, and meeting schedule.

    • Ad Management integration tools to track ROI on paid campaigns on Google, Facebook,, etc. 

Pricing Plans

HubSpot offers a basic free plan which offers a great set of tools to start with. You can choose to paid plan at any point in time to one of their premium offerings.

    • Standard ($45/month): All the features in the free plan plus forms with additional features, more email limits up to 25 Email list segmentation and 10 dashboards.

    • Professional ($800/month): All features in Free and Starter plans, plus up to 100 inboxes, 1000 active email lists, and 25 Dashboards. This plan also has additional features like SEO recommendations, Blog, SSL, Omni Channel Marketing Automation, and more.

    • Enterprise ($3200/month): All Features from the above Professional offer plus Event-based triggers segmentation and reporting, predictive lead scoring, Adaptive testing, up to 300 hierarchical teams, and more.

FreshWorks CRM

Freshworks CRM is powered by Freedy AI which helps in discovering e best new leads, engaging customers, driving deals to closure, and nurturing existing customers with a smart, comprehensive solution.


It provides a 360-degree View of your business.

It helps in Personalizing communication via AI-powered Chatbots to interact in real-time, capture information with Web Forms, and understand customer intent which increases customer engagement. 

            Key Features:

    • Lead Management: Provides AI-based solutions to convert prospective leads into customers.

    • Sales Management: It helps in gaining complete information where the deal is placed in the sales funnel via activity timeline, organizing and managing the lead to maximize its conversions.

    • Tracking and Contacts Scoring: Wish use of AI, assign a rank and score to your contacts based on factors, most likely to convert.

    • Intelligent Assignments: With the help of IntelliAssign, the CRM automatically assign leads to particular sales, personal base on their skills and other parameters.

    • WebForms : Collect Information with Code free Web Forms, to gather lead information and store it in the database.

Other Features:

    • Fully customize your CRM as per your needs by adding custom sales activities, custom fields, custom modules, and custom roles.

    • Improve Sales with Automation with Auto Assignment of roles, Sales Sequences, territory management, automate workflows and enrich customer profile engagement via accessing social and personal information automatically.

    • Connect with your customers via Phone, Email, SMS, Live chat WhatsApp, and Zoom.

    • Get a complete unified view of your customer information across all touchpoints.

    • Get Sales and close Deals Faster with multiple sales pipelines, creates business catalogs within CRM, and define and track the sales goals of your sales teams timely.

    • Get all Sales Data Reports via Standard Built Reports, Custom Reposts Sales Cycle Reports, and more.

    • Integrate with other applications via API access, Zapier, and other apps.

Pricing Plans

FreshWorks offers 4 plans with prices ranging from $0 to $69 per month per user when billed annually. They also offer 21 days free trial.


Engage Bay

EngageBay is A CRM software that centers on marketing, sales, and support systems all in one package. It gives its customers an All in One Box Platform. Above this, it focuses on automation for maximizing results.

    • Email Marketing and Automation: With a built-in comprehensive set of marketing tools which includes Email Marketing, Marketing Automation, Email Template Builder, AB testing, and more

    • Lead Generation: Generate leads with Lead Generation tools, Social Suite & more, helping the marketing team to reach the next level.

    • Help Desk Support: Provides the best support systems to your customers with features like ticketing, Knowledge Base, Canned responses, and more

    • Third-Party Integrations: Integrate seamlessly with other tools and apps like Zapier, Shopify, Xero, DocuSign, and more

    • EngageBay also offers a completely free CRM at its core. While they’re powerful when used individually, they are at their best when used together. Its exhaustive set of Sales tools such as Contact Management, Email Tracking, Telephony, Appointment Scheduling, Project Management, Gamification & more, helps the sales team close those deals and grow revenue.


It has four options:

    • All in One

    • Marketing

    • CRM and Sales Bay

    • Service Bay

The CRM and Sales Bay Plans have one free plan and three paid plans:

The paid plans range from $10.39 /per user/per month to $39.99/per user/per month. The price varies on basis of the of contacts and companies and other features.

Visit EngageBay

PipeDrive CRM  

PipelineCRM is an all–in–one CRM software that is ideal for Small and medium enterprises. It has great set features for sales and employees management.

Key Features

    • Sales Pipeline Management: PipelineCRM helps you to visualize and understand your sales pipeline in order to grow your business.

    • Lead Management: Identify all the information you need to track the progress of each lead across the sales process to convert.

    • Contact Management: Helps in building and nurturing relationships with your leads and following up with existing customers.

    • Sales Team Management: With PipelineCRM set meaningful objectives and guide your sales team to achieve targets. Moreover, it eliminates redundancy and confusion by organizing teams’ collective knowledge and collaborative sales efforts.

Other Features

    • On-Boarding Training provided by PipelineCRM Customer Success to your team to develop a tailored plan for your business.

    • Customer support via unlimited phone, email by sales pipeline experts

    • Email Campaigns tracking

    • Easy integrations with Gmail, QuickBooks, and major email marketing and sales software.

    • Track Sales Commissions automatically to reduce cost and increase transparency.

    • Mobile App helps you access Sales Data at any time at any place.

    • Unlimited File Storage

    • User permissions to team members to access data.


The paid plan range from $25/per month to $49/per month, with 14 days free trial.



Insightly is modern-age CRM software helping businesses to grow faster with a strong relationship with customers. It offers a rich set of tools helping businesses to sell smarter and built a personalized brand.

Key Features:

    • Lead Routing: Tracks the most relevant lead information, including a rich activity timeline of marketing campaign sources, emails, phone calls, and meetings.

    • Workflow Automation: Create Complex, multi-step business processes with Automation.

    • Customer Relationship: Build a stronger relationship with customers and get new customers on board by decoding a complex web of their interactions with teammates, bosses, other teams within the business, and partners.

    • Extensive Third-Party Integrations: With Insigthy AppConnect connect applications you already use in your workplace. Connect to IT apps, marketing apps, HR apps, finance apps, sales apps, support apps, and many more with new connectors added every month.

    • Sales Pipeline Management: Manage the performance of sales teams, track sales pitches to know how the sales pipeline is positioned, and remove any bottlenecks.

Other Features

    • Align teams and processes at single objectives to close deals faster

    • Build and deploy custom apps in no time with validation rules, calculated fields, workflow automation, and dashboards and reports

    • Design dashboards and track, view major metrics to discover insights, and chart progress towards your goals.

    • With Mobile Apps manage everything on the go.

    • Ensure Data integrity (256 Bit AES Military Grade Encryption), EU/US Privacy Shield, and regulatory GDRP compliance.

    • Inbuilt support provides guidance, support, and training to help you get the most out of Insightly CRM.


The paid plans range from $29/per user/per month to $99/per user/per month (billed annually). They also offer a free plan up to 2 users.

Nethunt CRM

Nethunt CRM is designed to make all your CRM features available with your Gmail and Google Workspace. Its CRM for all Gmail users.

Key Features

    • Customer Relationship Management: Net hunt CRM helps to organise, managing and following up with lead. With Gmail sync no need to add lead details manually, no data leaks, no duplicate contacts and no filling the details.

    • Lead Management Tool: NetHunt CRM automates lead generation processes and helps in striving new opportunities.

    • Pipeline Management: It keeps your deals organized, gives you control over your sales process, and provides insights to focus on what is working.

    • Sales and Business Reporting: NetHunt CRM tracks all the sales activity within your company and translates it into key metrics for your business.

    • Automate Sales Process: It connects with tools to capture leads, nurture leads with email follow-ups to engage more. With pre-defined algorithms, workflows automatically create a set of tasks for your Sales teams.

Other Features:

    • Full integration with Gmail

    • Send Emails Campaigns by segmenting databases, compose and save templates, send emails via Gmail or custom SMTP and track email campaign status

    • Extensive integrations with (LinkedIn, Mailchimp, Twitter, Facebook and more)

    • Email, Phone, chat customer support.

    • Access data on your mobile devices.

    • Fully customized and scalable

    • 14 days free trial.


Nethunt CRM provides three paid plans namely Basic, Business, Advanced. The pricing starts from $24 to $96 per user per month and it’s billed annually.

Agile CRM

Agile CRM is an All-in-One CRM platform which automates your marketing, sales, services on one platform. It offers modern features and integrations easy implementation and support at an affordable price. It’s a Cloud based SaaS service and is mobile friendly.

Key Features

    • Contact Management: With single page contact management, close more deals.

    • Project Management : Effectively manage your projects with drag-and-drop task lists and more

    • Appointment Scheduling: Automate scheduling by sharing calendars to invites and follow-ups.

    • Email Marketing: Complete email marketing features by creating emails and newsletters, analytics and more

Other Features

    • Track the stages and milestones of your deals to make sales process effective.

    • Gamify sales with competition and collaboration within sales teams.

    • Marketing automation with drag-and-drop workflow designer.

    • Integrate Social media and SMS messaging in your campaigns

    • Best support systems in form of helpdesk, feedback systems, knowledge base, ticketing queries, and pre-formatted replies help faster replies to common questions.

    • Integrates with Facebook, Twitter, Google Apps, and much more


Agile CRM offers 1 free plan up to 10 users and three paid plans ranging from $8.99 to $47.99 per user per month for two years.

Keap CRM

Keap CRM (InfusionSoft) is one of the most renowned names in CRM industry with operations starting from 2001, and is serving 27.5 K customers. It’s a single integrated platform combining CRM, marketing automation, sales automation, payments, and much more so you focus on closing deals and grow your business.

Key Features:

    • Sales and Marketing Automation: Save your time by automating routine and repetitive tasks like Lead Capture and follow up. Capture lead info like behaviour, preferences, or likeliness to buy, and Keap’s sales and marketing automation effectively convert those leads into clients.

    • Lead Collection Management: Collect and organise leads on auto mode via custom lead forms, landing pages etc. Access all lead data from one place to take quick decisions.

    • Sales Pipeline Management: Keap CRM provides an easy-to-use drag-and-drop sales pipeline helping you to move leads faster, close more sales, and know the status of every deal in centralized dashboard.

    • Business Analytics and Reporting: It offers to visualize sales information and stats from CRM analytics dashboard, to gain more valuable insights for your business.

Other Features

    • Keap CRM allows to boost online sales with features like invoicing, payment processing and more within the CRM software to drive more sales.

    • Allows Auto Scheduling of appointments in an organized and efficient manner via Zoom and connects with Google Calendars.

    • Automate Emails based on user segmentation, triggers and actions.

    • Boost your brand image with stunning Email Templates that are easy to implement and help you create engaging marketing newsletters and broadcasts.

    • Get real results with A/B Testing, reporting, and analytics.

    • Easily migrate from other tools to Keap CRM

    • Keap CRM provides automated text messaging SMS which have whopping 94% conversion rates.

    • It provides 14 day’s free trial


The Paid plans range from $59/per month to $199/month billed annually. The pricing increases based on the number of contacts, users, and other features.

Visit Keap

Funnel CRM

Funnel CRM is simple CRM software to track leads, manage follow-ups, fewer data entry, and more sales. It’s an easy CRM tool with simple solutions built for all teams.

Key Features:

    • Contact Management: Funnel CRM let you build contact forms and embed them in your websites in easy steps to capture leads and contacts. It automatically takes your contact information and creates a profile based on information entered by the customer.

    • Proposal Management: Funnel CRM allows you to put together rich messages as an estimate or a quote for your product or service. This feature has increased the rate of closed deals.

    • Task Management: Funnel CRM help you organize, assign, and prioritize tasks from a centralized place. Funnel CRM gives you an easy-to-access location to monitor and manage tasks and activities.

Other Features

    • Funnel CRM is tightly integrated with Gmail, so you can directly send a reply to your customers from Gmail, which will appear in the CRM dashboard.

    • Automatic Labelling segregates Emails from professional and personal. So you can focus on inquiries for your products or services or potential deals.

    • Set your Desired Currency.

    • Collaborate with teams with 7 levels of permissions.

    • Easily track customers by email open rates, unread messages, and more

    • Create professionally designed sales proposals and customize them with the WYSIWYG editor

    • It offers 14 day’s free trial.


The pricing range from $114 to $444.60 per annum

Copper CRM

A Google-recommended CRM, and backed by Google, Copper CRM is the best choice for Google Workspaces. With 30k + Customers Copper CRM is one of the best CRM in the marketplace.

Key Features:

    • Contact management: Organise, Tag, filter, and sort your leads and customers by any criteria to better understand where your business is coming from.

    • Pipeline Management: It helps in keeping track of every opportunity in the sales pipeline, by automatic email follow-ups, reminders, and tracking, sorting deals based on relevancy.

    • Project Management: Copper CRM offers seamless and better team collaboration in the businesses with tools automatic workflows, and marketing workflows within your Google Workspace.

    •  Ease Integrations: Apart from native integration with Google Workspace, it also provides integrations with LinkedIn, Slack, DocuSign, and Mail Chimp and over integrations with 3000 apps with Zapier.

    • Google Workspace: The main striking feature is Copper CRM integration with Google and works seamlessly with Gmail, Google Docs, Calendar, and Drive

    • Email Marketing: Use custom Email templates, from welcome emails, personalize messages with merge tags.

Other Features

    • Send Bulk Emails, Email Sequences,

    • Integrate with Web Forms such Gravity Forms, Contact Form 7, etc

    • Add LinkedIn or Sales Navigator prospects in Copper with one click.

    • Enable Lead Scoring based on email engagements, web visits, etc

    • Use CRM on your Mobile Devices with Apps.

    • Add contacts simply by new customers from Gmail and Calendar.

    • It offers 14 day’s free trial


The pricing plan ranges from $25 to $119 per user per month billed annually.

What is CRM?

CRM OR CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT the name says it all! It’s a set of tools, techniques, strategies, and processes to keep customers, develop, and add customers. So how it’s done. Well, in today’s world software smoothly carried the whole process out. This software ensures that every step of the interaction with consumers goes smoothly and efficiently to increase the overall profits.

The software gathers customer data from multiple channels. Hence, CRM stores detailed information on overall purchase history, personal info, and even purchasing behavior patterns. CRM software allows businesses to focus on their company’s relationships with customers, colleagues, suppliers, etc.

With a professional CRM, it is easier to find new customers, win trust, provide support, and provide additional services throughout the relationship.

The best part about a CRM system is that almost any organizational unit can benefit from it — from sales and customer service to recruiting, marketing, and business development. Good CRM software gives a better way to manage external relationships.

Storing all customer information in one place, recording service issues, identifying sales opportunities, and managing marketing campaigns — are just a few capabilities that CRM features.

Since CRM provides easy access to data, it also becomes much easier for users to collaborate on different processes and increase productivity. Another strong argument in favor of CRM is that it is suitable for businesses of any size.

What are the prerequisites to look for in CRM Software?

The top 10 things to look, at while choosing your web-based CRM software:

    •  Sales and Lead Management

The CRM should generate leads from inbound marketing, sales calls, Web Forms, email sign-ups, etc. The CRM should nurture the leads along the entire sales pipeline, from lead to close. It should follow-ups with the lead in less time.

    • Marketing

The CRM should help in marketing with help of tools like Email pipelines, social media integrations, and more

    •  Third Party Integrations.

CRM platforms should integrate with email marketing tools, advertising platforms, and more

    •  Data Analytics and Reporting.

CRM platforms should have built-in reporting capabilities and pre-designed custom reports. Real-time and dynamic reports will be an important add-on.

    •  Availability on Mobile Devices

Since sales teams are always on the move. Does CRM is accessible on mobile devices, Cloud based CRM is more preferable.

    • Implementation Time

The CRM platform should be implemented in quickly, with low cost and ease. Enquire about the timeline required and resources required from your team.

    • Project Management Workflows.

The sales teams work should be streamlined and eased with help of approved checklists and Tasks objectives.

    • Security.

File storage and platform security is of prime importance when selecting your CRM. Since your CRM processes a lot of data, it should possess top notch security.

    • Ease of Use

The CRM should provide an easy-to-use interface so that teams are comfortable working with this tool for the long times and have shorter learning curve.

    • API Calls.

The CRM should have a robust, extensible, and open architecture for custom data integrations.

What are benefits of CRM Software?

Here are the benefits of using a good CRM for businesses of any size:

    • Improve Customer Relationship and Interactions:

CRM software allows you to organise customer information which allows you to serve clients better.

    • Up Sell and Cross Sell product.

With customer knowledge and information, choices and needs, you can easily suggest complementary products. Also, you can recommend a premier product to customers.

    • Better Teams Synergies:

With Data available in real time, every member in the team can work with enhanced collaboration. Also, it results from more synergies with different teams.

    • More Work Efficiency:

Since you have access to customer information, preferences, choices and purchase history, you can easily guide the customer along sales pipeline. You can project client’s requirements with your data knowledge, increasing the work efficiency of the company.

    • Huge Savings in Long Run:

Setting us a CRM software is costly, and onetime setup cost. But in the long run with team collaborations and enhanced efficiency lowers your cost.

    • Employee Engagement :

Employees with access of real time customer data, feel motivated to take regular actions bringing more sales to the sales teams and to companies. Thus CRM brings more employees involvement and engagement.

How do you use CRM software?

It is very easy to implement CRM software, when you think of benefits of CRM. For best, you need across all departments of organisation.

Find the steps on how to use CRM:

    • Add Sales Representatives as they are vital for CRM, who will bring in revenue to you company

    • Segment your Audience which helps in getting more targeted leads. Normal way is to divide in various stages like “Lead” “’Opportunity” “Customer”.

    • Importing of Contact list in the CRM is very important. So you do not have data in different systems.

    • Third Party Integrations allows you collect data from different sources. Your CRM should have abundant third party integrations.

    • A CRM should have ease of use Dashboard, with all information is viewed in single dashboard.

    • Lastly CRM should provide all analytical reports and sales reports in real time to sales teams and business owners.


    • What is the easiest CRM?

Well, all CRM has easy-to-use dashboards and has customer support to set up initially. However free version of Hub spot is one of the great options. PipeDrive and Fresh works have a user-friendly interface and are easy to use. Funnel CRM is also a simple and easy-to-use option.

    • Which is the Cheapest CRM?

EngageBay is one of the cheapest CRM, however it does not compromise on any features and provides all requirements of CRM. The pricing is $7.79 /per month per user. Agile CRM is also one of the cheapest with all required features with pricing of $8.99 per user per month.

    • Is CRM Difficult to learn?

Learning and implementing a CRM is not as a difficult task as one thinks. All CRMs have onboarding support and technicians to get your system up and running and synced with your tech requirements.

    • Does Google has a CRM platform?

Google do not have any CRM platform, But google backed Copper CRM and is a Google Workspace CRM. However, all other CRM platforms integrate with Gmail, Google Docs.

    • What is the Best CRM platforms?

The best sales CRM should have tools like sales pipeline, customer leads information, automations, cross sells, upsells, and many more built for Sales Teams to rake in more revenues. My Top picks are.

Wrap Up (Summary)


There are a lot of CRM with lots of features and benefits.

One must select CRM as per your needs and requirements, look at the value you are getting at that price point, does it suit your business environment, and sales teams? Does it provide Cloud based solutions or is premise deployed? Does it have Mobile Apps? Does it allows Third party Integrations? these are some points and facets before choosing a perfect CRM lastly the price structure.

As per my view, I recommended you get started with PipeDrive and FreshWorks CRM for your customer relationship requirements.  

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