14 Best Webinar Software Platform (Top 5 Picks)

April 12, 2024

Choosing a right Webinar software is very crucial for your business. From product launches to interactions with your customers, communities, the Best Webinar software can help you meet your goals. In this article, we have ranked and reviewed the 14 Best Webinar software along with top 5 choices, so that you can pick the best one for you.

Using Webinar Software is the best way to engage with your leads and move them to sales funnels.

Most of the Marketers find Webinars Vital, with 95% of respondents seeing them as important for their marketing efforts. 

Apart from this, the process of hosting live Webinars and process of selecting Best Webinar Software remains a challenging job.

Plus, Webinars naturally do not guarantee a higher conversions.

Well, webinar themselves are a great way to combine video conferencing and marketing automation, but some questions have to be answered.

  1. What are the waiting room experience for your viewers?
  2. How easy is to download the plugin and joint the meeting?
  3. How many presenters can join at a time?
  4. How many attendees or viewers can join in a meeting?
  5. How is the Audio quality?

What are the Best Webinar Software?

Here is my Top picks for the Best Webinar Software to try for your business.



Riverside is an excellent webinar software for big enterprises. It offer many features like, local recording to 4K resolution, and record uncompressed crystal clear audio at 48 kHz WAV audio for every guest. 

With help of Magic Editor, you can edit you’re your webinar material and streamlined in well-structured manner. It helps to separate audio & video tracks for every participant, giving you more control in post-production.

You can invite your guests to record at any time anywhere, making it super easy to start recording in few minutes and start webinars in different scenarios.

With availability of Transcriptions you can convert your videos in text in seconds so you can find highlights and quotes quickly. You can livestream your webinars to Facebook, YouTube Twitch, and LinkedIn and share you live session with anyone.

It also allows your viewers to watch or call while you are recording with your guests. With ability to have up to 8 guest in an webinar, your audience will have more personal and interactive experiences whenever they hop in the webinars.

Key Features

  • Guests can easily confirm their presence in the webinar by opening a link in Mobile Apps or Chrome Browser
  • Sharing a live recording is possible, making it super easy to watch the webinars later if they can’t make it to live sessions.
  • The useful tools include in the plan like “PodCast Name Generator and “Youtube Name Generator” make life easier for your business.
  • TEd, Spotify and The NewYork Times are some of the big names using Riverside, so you are rest assured about their offerings.
  • They support Single Sign On (Okta, Azure, and more), end-to-end call and recording encryption (SRTP and DTLS-SRTP), and secure cloud backups.
  • RiverSide User interface is very easy to start with and very well designed, so you find what you need and get started with the Webinars.


As a newbie, you can get a free trial to get hands on the software and experiences all the features up to one hour.

After that the paid pricing plans are.

  • Basic: Up to 2 hours of recording  $90/month
  • Standard: Up to 5 hours of recording $180/month
  • Pro: Up to 15 hours of recording  $288/month
  • Enterprise: You have to contact their sales team for a custom quote.



LiveStorm is a wonderful tool to create webinars for product launches or demos. The software works on any browser without any restrictions of size of webinar.

Either you create live webinars or recorded automated webinars, Livestorm provides a host of features for creating and engaging with your customers.

The On demand and automated webinars are great for online course and employee on boarding and video podcast interviews.

One aspect I Liked is access to Email templates and sequences, customizable registration pages, email delivery tracking, website widgets, built-in social sharing, and much more.

LiveStorm also offers customers engagement with acticities like polls, Q&A sessions and user votes.

It’s also super easy to join the webinars, just click the accessible link and it you are in.

Key Features

  • Access the highly adaptable templates with an easy set up
  • It offers interactive charts, Q&A, chats and more for more customer engagements
  • Great for product launches and 1:1 sessions to qualifies leads, improving sales process.
  • Integrate and analyse your webinars and meetings.
  • It provides high level of automation
  • It facilitates custom registration pages, unlimited replays, a one-click invitation to guests, email invitations, automated email reminders.
  • It enables Zapier integrations and integrate with over 1000 apps.
  • Full Analytical reports like participation reports, replay analytics is provided.
  • Livestorm is GDPR compliant,


Starter: The first plan is a free plan and comes with features like unlimited on-demand webinars, meetings up to 4 person and up to 20 minutes.

Premium: The ‘Webinar Premium’ plan costs $99/per month and has a 4-hour limit per webinar.

Enterprise: There’s also the ‘Enterprise’ plan. It offers features like managing multiple workspaces with unified billing, premium training, and SLA availability.



ZohoMeeting is one of the absolute favourite webinar tools. It is perfect for anyone who wants a platform to conduct online meetings, classes, employee on boarding, market your products and services in no time.

It is very simple to use the platform and trusted by thousands of customers worldwide.

ZohoMeeting offers varied products from complete CRM, marketing tools all the way to financial tools.

Key features

  • Easily launch webinars right from your browsers without any downloads
  • Attain trust and connect better with collaborating face to face with audio video and screen sharing features.
  • Start webinars from Mobile Apps from anywhere and anytime.
  • Keep your meetings secure using features like Lock meetings and password protection. In ZohoMeeting all transmissions are through SSL/128-bit AES encryption protocols which is the industry standard security practice. 
  • Access any topic discussed during the meetings through recordings, share the content and downloads for further reference.
  • It allows automatic sync of meetings timings with Google Calendar on email invites.
  • Add team members to your ZohoMeeting and make them presenters, manage team settings and notifications, and enable co-branding of webinars and meetings.
  • Analyse and document webinars registrants, attendees, polls results and export them to XLS or CSV files.
  • And Lot More


ZohoMeeting pricing is pocket-friendly and scalable for your business.

It starts at $10 per month for up to 250 participants and scales all the way to over 3,000 attendees for only $200 per month!

Whether you pay $10 per month or $300 per month you get access to 100% of the premium features.

If that wasn’t good enough it offers 14-day free trial with no credit card required.

ZohoMeeting also offers a completely free plan with limited features and attendees to get the feel of the software.

Webinar Ninja

Webinar Ninja

Webinar Ninja is a power full all in one webinar platform trusted by major brands like podia, AppSumo, Printful and more. They have an All in One offerings in form of built in Email, Built in Landing pages and sign up pages allowing you to crate webinars in minutes.

WebinarNinja allows you to create four different type of Webinars.

  1. Live Webinars: Broadcast with a Live Host for audience interaction.
  2. Automated: Recorded webinars that run for certain time, periods and are on demand.
  3. Series: a combination of several Webinars
  4. Hybrid: a combination of Live and Recorded Webinars.

Key Features

  • Super Fast Live Chat
  • Easily share screens
  • Engage with audience via multiple polls at start, during and at end of webinars
  • Quickly create unique and time savings templates for registration pages, landing pages and Thank you pages.
  • Add to Calendar helps visitors to lock in timing and date in Google Calendars, Outlook and Ical.
  • Easily promote your webinars on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • Fully integrate with Zapier and Email Marketing Tools Like CovertKit, Aweber and Hubspot.
  • Embed presentation slides, videos in live Webinars.
  • Create helpful downloadable documents like PDF, E Books and guides to add extra value to your presentation.
  • Get Best support via Live Chat, Emails and WebinarNinja Academy


WebinarNinja has three plans,

  • Free: Allows 10 Live Attendees and 20 min per Webinar and 1 Guest presenter
  • Pro: It has 100 Live Attendees and 4 Hr per Webinar and 4 Guest Presenter ($83/Month billed annually) with Automated Webinars, Unlimited Landing pages and more.
  • Business: It has 100 Live Attendees and 8 Hr per Webinar and 10 Guest Presenter ($166/Month billed annually) and Hybrid Webinars.

WebinarNinja provides an All in One solution and great tool for those looking for advanced features and create fast webinars.



Webinar jam is at #5 on our Best Webinar Software currently in the market. If you have little to no knowledge to setup webinars, then WebinarJam is the easy to use webinar platform.

WebinarJam provides a cloud Based Broadcasting technology allowing you to reach upto 5000 people in one presentation without breaking a bank. Massive Isn’t It. Also it allows 6 presenters so, you can go solo or have roundtable of experts.

It provides High Definition, 30 FPS, high quality video and audio broadcasting so say no to pixelated images, choppy frame rates. It delivers super smooth content on a stable internet connection and average home computer.

Key Features

  • Run Live Chat and Q&A sessions in real time.
  • Create perfect retina replays of Live Webinars. It records second to second activities.
  • Run your webinars exactly when and how you want to schedule.
  • Bring your attendee in spotlight by joining you during the presentation at any time.
  • Stream You Webinars form anywhere with mobiles and broadcast.
  • Increase your registrations with help of professionally designed and customized sign ups pages.
  • Full Email and SMS system allows you to schedule series of remainder notifications via email or SMS.
  • Convert your webinars into full-fledged money-making events with live offer displays.
  • Engage more with your audience with polls, quizzes and share files with peers and attendees.
  • Easily connect WebinarJam with Email Auto responders and CRM of your choice.
  • With Control Panel you can have separate room for a colleague or staff to operate all logistics of event, so you can concentrate of Webinar.
  • Secure your content and access via a password protected rooms.
  • Get all stats in real time to analyse your audience data.


WebinarJam has four paid plans.

  1. Starter – $39 per month with 1 host and 1 hr duration
  2. Basic – $79 per month with 2 host and 2 hr duration
  3. Professional : $229 per month with 4 host and 3 hr duration
  4. Enterprise: $379 per month with 6 host and 4 hr duration.

All plans have unlimited webinars, Live chat, Replica Replay Email and SMS system.


Demio has a great combination of No Download Webinars for your audience and set of tools for marketing and generating leads.

It provides platform for visual pleasing, and an intuitive user experience for you and your attendees.

Full customized to match your brand and have HD content delivered in real time across any platform.

All the paid plans include Unlimited Sessions, 24/7 Chat and Email Support, Unlimited Registrations, and Unlimited Storage.

Key Features

  • Create and customize beautiful registration pages.
  • Chats, polls, handouts during the webinars.
  • Turn you attendees into participants.
  • Track and analyse everything across entire campaigns.
  • Integrate with marketing apps you are currently using.
  • Built in Security with encrypt data across browsers, store your data and GDPR complaint


Demio provides a free trial for 14 days, which allows you to test all the features. Further paid plans are as follows:

  • Starter Plan: $34/ month for a 50-attendee
  • Growth Plan: $69/month for a 150 attendee
  • Premium Plan: Custom plan as per client’s requirements.


The next Webinar software on the list is GoTo Webinar. With GotoWebinar you do have to worry about all the clutter and confusion while creating webinars. It is an hassle free Webinar Software so you just focus on reaching more people and grow your business.

With 50k customers and 2.8 M Webinars hosted, its most trusted platform to create webinars, just chose your date and rest be assured, it takes cares of everthing.

It offers host of features, ranging from personalized registration forms, emails, automated communication, HD video and crystal clear sound, and Webinar Recordings.

Key Features

  • Pre Recorded Events
  • Webcast Mode allows 3000 attendees to join your live stream
  • Promote your Event on GotoStage and draw your crowd.
  • Flexible Scheduling to set up a one-time event, schedule a whole series, or create on-demand experiences.
  • Engage with polls, slide in questions.
  • Analyse and improve your webinars with Attendee reporting, Event Analytics, and discover which channel drove more webinar signups.
  • Integrate with you tools like Salesforce, Outlook, Aweber, Unbounce and more.
  • 24/7 Customer Support.


  • The Lite Plan costs $49/ month for 250 participants
  • The Standard Plan costs $99/ month for 500 participants
  • The Pro Plan costs $199/ month for 1000 participants
  • The Enterprise Plan costs $399/ month for 3000 participants


Easy Webinar is the only platform that has successfully integrated marketing strategy with online webinar technology.

It provides host of features and all-in-one solution for Live Webinars, Automated Webinars. It offers multiple presenters, run HD screen sharing, real time chat, integration with email marketing tools, shopping carts and lead generation tools.

Key Features

  • Amazing Audio with TrueVoice Technology
  • Make any Attendee a Presenter
  • Easy Cast helps you to stream live on multiple social media platforms.
  • Run Evergreen Webinars which stream in real time and have look, feel and experience of live event.
  • Reach a larger audience by streaming in attendees local time zone.
  • With Advance Analytics get insights into the actions performed during the webinars.
  • Fully customize your registration pages which reflect your brand.


The Standard plan is billed annually and costs $59/per month, the Pro plan at $90/month and Enterprise at $ 349/month. To run a live summit or conference to get back to Enterprise team for special pricing.


With companies like CNBC, DELL, Sony and more, using its services. BigMarker is the most trusted video platform for webinar, summits and virtual conferences.

The live streaming capabilities is the feature which make them stand out from others. It easily engages 50000 people at once while creating interacting sessions with features like polls, Q&A, and handouts.

Additionally there are no restrictions in number of presenters in live webinars so anybody can join the discussion.

It provides host of marketing tools like custom email invites, customized registration pages, and reminders.

BigMarker has extensive third party integrations with apps like MailChimp, Marketo, Calendly and more. And Integrations with payment providers like Stripe to manage transactions.

BigMaker is a browser based platform, so no need to download or connect or install anything to get into webinar.

Another feature, is it offer White labelling. Built custom live videos and embed them in your websites with no code

Key Features

  • It offers live streaming featires for one click meetings, Q&A sessions, chats, polls, handouts etc
  • It comes with extensive integrations with apps like Hubspot, Salesforce, Zapier etc.
  • It provide HD recording and screen sharing
  • Built flexible and customized event registration pages for webinars, virtual, hybrid and one to one personal meets.
  • Offers white Label seminar rooms and landing pages
  • Deal in 135+ currencies
  • It protect your data by providing standard SSL, and HTTP encryption.


The three paid plans cost $99/month, $199/month and $499/month. The White Label enterprise is an enterprise plans and get personalized quote for the same.

The Starter plan accommodates 100 attendees with 1 host, Elite plan accommodates 500 attendees with 2 host and premier plan accommodates 1000 attendees with 3 hosts.

Every plan comes with Live Webinars, Facebook and YouTube Live, 24-7 webinars and more.

Big Marker is best suited for conducting live events, workshops, town halls, and keynote presentations.

Ever Webinar

EverWebinar is acclaimed to be the “most powerful automated webinar platform”. It is one of the most popular on the list. It is built for direct integration with WebinarJam, although the parent company genesis sell them on standalone basis or in bundle.

It is well known to crate automated customer activity based email connections, to keep the user in loop and create webinars in minutes.

It is best suited for small businesses for generating leads and boost sales.

Key Features

  • It provides all content in HD i.e High quality Video, Audio.
  • Flexible scheduling of webinars as per your needs.
  • Simple and seamless webinar import from Webinarjam
  • Engage with audience over Live Chat in an automated presentation.
  • Easily convert past live chats in evergreen webinars making your event more real, alive and interesting
  • Engage more with live Q&A, pools, surveys, quizzes.
  • It helps in making a fake audience count.
  • Detailed Analytics of important metrics in real time.
  • Easily integrate with CRM and auto responder like Aweber, ActiveCampaign and Zapier, Kartra etc.
  • It provide an 30days money back guarantee


It paid plans are $499 per year and $874 for 2 years. The features with partnership with WebinarJam makes a great platform.

Get a hands on EverWebinar for $1 for 14 days.

Get Response

GetResponse is known for email marketing platform that offers a wide array of marketing solutions including a complete Webinar software platform.

It helps in creating and setting up webinars in minutes. Other marketing tools includes auto responders, automated emails marketing and landing pages and more.

Key Features

  • Easy access and interactive tools.
  • Host live and on demand webinars
  • Create automated workflows
  • One Click sharing options
  • Track conversion stats and provide visitors stats.
  • Text chat feature to drive more visitor engagement.


GetResponse provides 30 days free trail and Basic plan do not have Webinar features. Their Plus plan provides webinar solutions and starts from $49 /month up to 100 attendees.

The Professional plan is $99 per month for 300 attendees and Enterprise package is $1199 for up to 500 people.


LiveWebinar is a cloud based webinar solution which allows you to share screens, live video streaming, and record your screen and social media broadcasting. It has 42+ data centres, and 99% reach and can host upto 1000 participants.

You don’t have to download or install their application, access and join webinars from browsers like Chrome, Opera Firebox, etc. It allows you to embed webinars into your websites.

The tool integrates with several tools like email, phone and text messages to help invite members to upcoming webinars.

Live Webinar allows you to stream on social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Vimeo etc.

Key Features

  • Record and share your Webinars in HD.
  • With Whiteboard express your ideas by drawing on documents and videos.
  • Allows to split rooms into smaller rooms even during live meetings.
  • Improve your engagements with audience via polls, surveys, chat and call to action to encourage participants to purchase your products.
  • It has a free plan upto 5 attendees.


LiveWebinar provides following four pricing plans:

  1. Free: $0/ month  up to 5 attendees
  2. Pro: $11.99/ month to 100 attendees
  3. Business: $95.20/ month up to 500 attendees
  4. Custom: Custom pricing  over 1000 attendees


Zoom is the most popular Webinar software in the market. It allows to connect to friends and colleagues worldwide and across different time zones.

The main feature of Zoom to be the most popular webinar software is it user friendly interface which makes things very easier and simpler.

Zoom offers HD Video and Audio, screen sharing, Desktop and app sharing options and wide array of features that makes it an integral part of any business.

Zoom being a cloud based allows you to host scheduled and unscheduled meetings and backup every session on the cloud for instant access anytime.

It easily integrates with Google Calendar, Outlook which allows you to schedule meetings and send emails faster.

Zoom is one stop solution for hosting a webinar event.

Key Features

  • HD Video and Audio and screen sharing
  • Backup of every meeting on cloud
  • Interact and engage with audience with Q&A, in chat support, allow to attendees to raise hands, and promote attendees to panellists.
  • Integrate with CRM tools via Zapier and monetize your meetings through paid registrations.
  • Track and measure your Webinar attendance, audience engagements, and easil export all data to CSV file.
  • Zoom experts help you to plan and create your Zoom webinars, so you focus on your audience without any stress.


It offers a free plan to host 100 participants upto 40 minutes. The paid plans are

Pro costs $14.99/month with all features of free plan and 1 GB of cloud recording.

The Business plan at $19.99/month is suitable for small businesses and Enterprise plan at $19.99/month is best suited for large enterprises.

Adobe Connect Webinars

A well-known brand In IT industry Adobe known for its graphic designing software, forayed in Webinar platforms with Adobe Connect Webinars.

Apart from creating Webinars, it allows you to share documents, host videos, and host meetings to increase interactions with the audience.

Moreover it allows you to customize your hosting room and optimize as per your need.

Key Features

  • Customize your rooms with images. Logos and colours as per your brand.
  • Split your primary room into multiple smaller rooms.
  • It provides various templates to have a fully customize virtual experience.
  • It helps to integrate with CRM software like SAP and SalesForce.
  • It provide Robust Analytical for better insights.
  • Easily engage with your audience via polls, blogs, surveys and more.


It offers 3 plans.

  1. Free plan : For smaller meetings up to 3 participants
  2. Meetings plan : Starts at $50/month/per host for meetings up to 25 participants
  3. Webinar and Learning: Starts at $130/month/per host for participants from 100-1500

What is Webinar?

As the name suggests Webinar is a mix of two words “WEB” and “SEMINAR”.  So Webinar is a seminar on Web i.e. Seminar which is conducted virtually. So Webinar is an event attended exclusively by an online audience. Other terms used for webinars are Online Event, Web Event, Webcast, and Web Lecture.

How is Webinar Conducted (The process)

In a Webinar, the participants connect to the Host or the speaker via computers, laptops, tablets, or smartphones.

The Host or speaker(s) connect to the virtual audience via software, wherein the participants can hear and see the host via audio and video feeds. They can share PowerPoint slides and video images and also share computer screens with the participants.

The host or speakers(s) can connect from one to many participants at a time, thus making Webinar a powerful tool. To reach out to more participants, the host requires powerful Webinar Soft wares that should have the following basic requisites like Ask a question, Chat, Polls, Survey, Test, Call-to-action and Recording Webinars 

What is Webinar Software?

A Webinar Software is an online video Web Conferencing meeting. In simpler words, its lecture, live presentation, meeting or event that is conducted totally online and attended by a larger and exclusive audience.

The Software that is used to run and conduct webinars is called Webinar Software. These softwares tools help you to make webinars more engaging, interactive and customer friendly.

We have various options in the market, including LiveStorm, WebinarNinja and Zoho Meetings.

The best Webinar software makes it easy to record, share content with your prospects without any hindrance.

In my opinion the best webinar software is WebinarJam, Demio and GoToWebinar.

Plus major video conferencing tools comes with email marketing software, surveys, polls, lice chat features, automated webinar sequences, live streaming on social media and more.

What are the Benefits of Webinars Software?

There are many benefits of using Webinar tools to host an event or presentation.

Listed below are some of the benefits:

  1. Webinar Software is Cost Effective

Webinar software cater to specific and targeted audience who are interested in your products. Thus in case of physical seminar you do not need to invest in physical seminar like renting a room and paying for space.

On other hand attendees don’t pay too much for attending a webinar and makes good sense to do business.

The only thing require for webinar is:

  • A webcam
  • A script with content which is engaging
  • A good internet
  • A Good Webinar Software to host and record webinar
  • A nice Microphone or an internal computer microphone  
  • Guest speakers and assistants to help.

The cost of arranging a Webinar range from $100 to $3000, which is very low as compared to cost of physical live conference.

You can take a 14days trial of WebinarJam for $1.

Thus its very cost Effective to host Webinars to engage your prospective clients.

  1. Webinar software help to increase your audience.

With help of Webinar software you can increase you audience worldwide.

All this platforms help in reaching a larger audience all over the world who are interested in your products.

The cost of logistics or support involved in physical conferences in totally eliminated.

  1. Webinar Improves Lead Generation

According to research from InsideSales.com, 73% of marketing and sales leaders say webinars are one of the best ways to generate high-quality leads.

With this you can turn your webinars into lead generation machine on an automated mode.

Most of people attend webinars for their professional or personal interests, not all turn to be you customers, but you can target them with emails based on their interests and actions.

Also most of the Webinar soft wares offer lead generation and marketing tools that help you soft sell your products and get your customers in the sales funnels.

  1. Webinar Platforms allow Guest Presenters.

Webinars have plenty of ways to create engaging and enriching presentations for your potential customers. One way to generate more interest is inviting guest speakers to your webinars.

With an industry leader as a guest speaker garners lot of peer interaction and a large professional following. With an influential member of the industry to speak on your behalf, you stand a great chance to tap a higher client list.

Most of Webinar software allow you to host webinars with multiple presenters, which facilitates you invite influential guests to engage wider audience.

5. Webinar Software Helps Build Domain Expertise.

Webinars have a personal interactions with your audience and can increase knowledge in your domain, while connecting you with a new followers.

By creating more webinars, more people begin to attend, you build your personal brand, have a lot of domain knowledge – plus soft skills in presentation and webinar management.

How Do You Effectively Use Webinar Software?

With majority of business hosting webinars today, it is not necessary that all are effective.

That’s the reason why most webinars have a higher conversion rate.

Statistics show that webinars have 35% to 45% registrant to attendee conversion rate.

So you require competitive advantage over your competition by creating and providing value.

Thus, we have plan and select which is the best software is paramount. The right webinar plan, at right place and at right time will make all the difference.

Few tips to help Webinars stand out:

  1. Research Your Audience
  2. Visual Branding
  3. Promotions at right time
  4. Make your Webinars Short.


With an impressive and user friendly features, we have shortlisted the best webinar software available in the market.

But, which one is best suited for your business depends on various things. For beginners, budget is constraint and compare features accordingly.

Then you have to identify your audience size, and features required. Do you require polls, Q&A to engage more with your audience, its becomes very important so select and choose webinar software as per your need.

Also majority of webinars tools provide free trail to have feel of the platform and then you can upgrade to a paid plan.

If you are looking for my top recommendation, I recommend to start with Riverside.

Which Webinar Software you are choosing?

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