How to Monetize a Blog?

Starting and building a blog, seems to be hurricane work but over period of time it eases out. You get accustomed to whole process of writing posts. But just writing and publishing will not earn you anything. The information, the content, stories posted on the blog has to be shared with the masses, the people. First to drive traffic to your Blog and second to monetize a blog cannot be done in a day.

It takes long time and efforts to start earning your first dollar and then six figure mark. Most people forget to pay attention to basic and the most crucial elements required to make your blog successful.

The key elements required to monetize a blog are:

1) Focal point: The content of the blog should have well focused niche topic. People come to your blog and revisit it to overcome their pain point, which is done with posting of blog post around your niche topic.

2) Quality: Writing a quality content is of paramount importance to drive traffic and monetize your blog. The content should be descriptive, well written and should reveal the sources. A good quality content will render more interest to visitor and he will read it last word.

3) Usefulness: The Blog should be useful, it should be value driven. How can we teach and be helpful to visitors should be driving point of the blog. Create more informative content, adding videos images embedding FAQs etc adds value to your Blog.

4) Engaging: Your content should be engaging. Blog should incite people to spend more time reading you’re content, commenting etc. More the engagement more chance of people buying your product.

Lets Start with proven methods on How to Monetize a Blog.

Monetize a Blog

In this article we are going to show solid strategies bloggers use world over to monetize their blog and make money online.

1)     Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate Marketing is one of the most common method to monetize your blog and is done by persons from beginners to professional bloggers. One just has to write a content about the affiliate products he wants to promote to visitors.

For example: If you’re running a sports blog. You can easily sell sports shoes, clothes etc. to your visitors thereby earing commission on each sale and adding a stream of passive income.
2)     Advertisements: Google Ads or PPC Ads is the most easy way to monetize your Blog. You just have to place a code in your Blog to start displaying ads. Whenever visitor Clicks on this ads you get paid. This is called CPC (Cost per Click) ads. With display of CPC Ads with Google AdSense you receive a fee from Google. Blogs with huge traffic stand to earn a lot with PPC  Ads.
3)     Email Marketing: Email Marketing is a powerful way to monetize a blog. Built a Strong list, helps in selling your products or affiliate products or services to your existing customers in your list. One can expect subscriber brings 1$ per month of revenue.  Creating   a strong email list and built a strong bond with customers requires Email Marketing platforms like AweberGet Response.
You can also read our exclusive article on Best Email Marketing platforms.
4)     Create and Sell E Books: E Books provide an easy way to earn money from a blog. Create an EBook revolving around the content of the blog with some detailed explanations. People find it easy to read E books, which help teach them skills. E Books can be created and promoted from blog, with useful content, drawing people attention and selling EBooks on auto Pilot. E Books attractive Cove page can be created by Tool like Canva, Stencil Etc.
5)     Create and Sell online Courses: Selling Online or Digital Courses is another way of monetizing a blog. Create engaging and helpful courses which adds tremendous value, results in sales on auto pilot. By creating courses with utmost enthusiasm and determination results in more and more subscriptions and sales. Online Courses can be made for more technical skills like Web Development, Digital Marketing, and Graphic designing. Online Courses for finance, stocks investing and accounting also has a marketplace. One should be master in subject or skills, before creating online course on that subject or skill. Do due diligence and then create courses which stand out in marketplace.
6)     Sponsorships: Writing sponsored reviews and posts on your blog, is the least method to monetize a blog. Getting paid by companies for writing reviews about its products or services, requires huge traffic to your blog. When a blog is getting huge visitors, blogger will charge a fee from a company to promote products on the blog and give opinion about the product. The products gets exposed to newer customer on the blog and bring more sales to company and passive income to the blogger. Be sure to provide true and correct reviews about the products and label them as sponsored.
Apart from above you can sell digital or physical products, start a podcast to monetize a blog.
To start a blog is easy, but study shows it is more difficult to monetize a blog. A blog alone cannot generate revenue, unless a proper monetization strategy is implemented.
Creating helpful content, getting right visitors to your blog and solving their pain point. This can be done via selling EBooks or online courses, selling useful products or services via affiliate marketing brings passive income to the blog.


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