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NEXCESS REVIEW 2023:  Is This Managed WordPress Hosting Worth It ?

Well when selection of Webhost comes, you have tons of choices.

Webhosting companies provide array of features, pricing and extra bonuses. When you have a WordPress site up and running, sometimes you need to have hosting solution which provides something more than what the cheapest hosting provider’s offers, even it means to pay an extra on monthly fees.

The solution though is Managed Web Hosting. When you have web hosting plans optimize for WordPress and comes with managed Web hosting, you are rest assured about the speed, management, security and have valuable time to concentrate on your creating content, marketing your site and designing it. That’s why choosing a manage Web Hosting provider like “Nexcess is the preferred choice”.

To have incredible uptime, impeccable performance, utmost reliability and  all backed by superior customer service for managed WordPress web hosting , Nexcess  is the preferred choice or is it, keep reading to find out whether Nexcess is worth every penny spend.

What is Managed WordPress Hosting?

In Managed WordPress Hosting, the webhost provides fully optimized solutions for more security, scalability and better speeds. This helps in managing your websites, blogs with much more ease. A Managed WordPress Web Hosting provider manages many factors of your site and servers which includes:

  • Automatic WordPress Core, Themes and Plugins Updates.
  • Backups of the site on regular basis.
  • Optimized performance by Caching and CDN, so your sites loads faster.
  • Customer Support to resolve problems as fast as possible.

So, now we know what one should expect in a Managed WordPress hosting plan, and let see whether NEXCESS has to offer to its customers.


Nexcess started its operations long back in year 2000 and has grown into highly reputed hosting provider that empowers clients to create and grow their business. Nexcess offerings comprise of Manage hosting for WordPress, Magento, Drupal, Woo Commerce and Big Commerce etc.

Nexcess does not have “The cheapest hosting plan” in the hosting space, but offers premium quality hosting experience to its customers, thereby people are willing to pay more.

Nexcess serves around 45000+ customers worldwide, with 8 data centres across North America, Europe and Asia pacific. With main mantra to innovate and create better hosting experience to its customers, Nexcess claims to have highest level of loyal customer base in web hosting industry.

Nexcess works on “The Eight Core Values”

In short, Nexcess provides Hosting solutions to empower your Business potential. But is it fruitful?

Nexcess Hosting Features, Pricing and Plans.

As mentioned above Nexcess, provides varied hosting plans. But for this review we will concentrate on Nexcess WordPress Managed Hosting plans.

Managed WordPress Hosting services are although difficult to find, but Nexcess has stuck gold has it, let see what they have to offer. To start with it Managed Hosting providers take care of everything as regards speed, security and maintenance. Let’s see what Nexcess is offering:

  • WordPress Core and plugins Updates which can be checked in staging environment.
  • Faster loading speed with NGINX, Image compression and Image Lazy Loading and PHP7 compatible.
  • Malware Monitoring ensures protection against malwares and viruses.
  • Security of user data with SSL Certificate.
  • Automatic Daily Backups.
  • Free Site Migration with minimal downtime.
  • Full Server Access.

Apart from above, let’s see in details what Nexcess has to offer to its customers.

Nexcess Features

Easy User Interface Control Panel or CPanel:


Every plan, comes with proprietary Control panel or CPanel. Nexcess has no exception and comes with very easy to use interface and all in one dashboard to manage multiple WordPress site from single place.


The ease to use dashboard provide all the needed tools accessible at one place. Let’s check some of the tools you can operate from ControlPanel.

  • NGINX Accelerator to speeds up the content and application delivery and purge its cache.
  • Configure and enable your CDN which is provided free the plan.
  • Bandwidth Monitoring.
  • Enable and Install free SSL certificate.
  • Monitor Disk Space, in according to each site and total free disk space available.
  • Manage Email accounts.
  • Nexcess provides daily automatic backups, but one has option to create manual backup of the site whenever required.
  • With Visual Comparison feature Nexcess rolls backs update of particular plugin in case, it causes issues as regards changes in appearance or behaviour of your site.
  • Set up Dev Sites or Development site and staging sites before going live.

Also, access support right from the CPanel: – Either Chat, Phone or Email

Speed and Performance:

Nexcess owns 8 data centers round the globe, to provide great speed:

  • Avg Speed :193 MS ( North America: Washington)
  • Avg Speed :266 MS ( North America: San Francisco)
  • Avg Speed :439 MS ( Central Europe :London)

Very Fast! I have hosted this site in data center at Southfield US.

Apart from above fast speed provided by Nexcess, it also provides bunch of powerful features which help to provide overall optimal performance.    

  • Built in image compression and lazy Load helps in ensure faster loading.
  • All Data centers comes with multiple redundancies for supply of power to servers and networks which guarantees uptime and speed.
  • All servers are monitored by experts 24/7/365.
  • With help of NGINX provides HTTP/2 and GZIP compression helping site speed and security.
  • Data centers have locations which provide low latency and higher speed.
  • With built in CDN with 22 Edge locations provides ultra-fast loading of sites.

Using PHP 7 Compatibility

All Nexcess plans supports the latest PHP 7, wherein older versions do not receive any support and are near extinction.

As you can see Nexcess supports PHP 8.


Maximum Uptime 100% Guarantee

Well Liquid Web, Nexcess parent company, guarantees of 100% uptime. Well every guarantee comes with some exceptions:

  • Scheduled Network Maintenance
  • Hardware and Software Maintenance
  • Malicious Attacks that cause issues with servers.
  • Legal actions against the customer.
  • CPanel related issues that cause problems.

Apart from above, Nexcess does a fabulous job in maintaining a network uptime of 99.998% in 2020, which is above industry benchmark.

Check out the latest uptime of Nexcess?



Auto Scaling

Auto Scaling brings a relief to customers, when your traffic surges and you are caught with limited bandwidth, speed and security. However with Auto scaling all this question are answered effectively.

Auto Scaling monitors your website and triggers a scaling event whenever your site traffic increases. So when you have flash sales, and post of your site goes viral, or prepare for a seasonal sales pikes in holidays, you are in very in comfort zone with Auto Scaling.

Every plan comes with 24 hour per month of auto scaling for free, with notifications on every 12 hours and 24 hours. On completion of a month the limit is reset to zero.

If you exhaust your 24-hour threshold (and auto scaling is enabled), you are billed at rate of $.10/minute in 30-minute increments, with a $3 minimum charge.

Site Migrations.

Want to make a move towards Nexcess, but are worried about migration from your current webhost? Or Want to upgrade to new NExcess plan?

With Nexcess, you be rest assured about migration of you site either form old webhost or upgrade to new plans with ease and with no extra cost. With expert help, migrating to Nexcess or to another plans will be easier and minimal time and you are less likely to experience “White Screen of death”

CDN with No extra Cost

CDN or Content Delivery Network services are part of all plans offered by Nexcess. NExcess Edge CDN improve page speed and are easy to use. Nexcess Edge CDN helps in websites either big or small, to provides content in shortest time.

CDN service is fast, flexible, secure and scalable and easily enabled in control panel


Support and Pricing

With great product offerings comes excellent support system, even if your hosting plans are excellent, but are less on support, customer count is bound to slide down. But Nexcess provides the best in class support system.

With 18 years of innovation and development has resulted in best support team in the industry which are available 24/7/365 solving all you issues and providing hosting experience as promised.

Nexcess provides support via Email, phone or live chat from your Cpanel, which makes support easily accessible. Also it has huge knowledge base, to your problems are solves in no time.

Nexcess provides various plans

Each plan comes with same set of features, but differs on account of number of websites hosted on that plan, storage and bandwidth also differ for various plans.

Also Nexcess gives 30 days Money back guarantee, in case you are not satisfied with that plan (which is quite not possible).

Nexcess has a window of 14 days trail to know what it has to offers with no credit card required.

Speed Test for Nexcess

Now everything great thing being said, lets see how fast website is loaded with use of 2 popular online speed test tools  GTMetrix and Pingdom


We tried different server locations to test and found following results.

  • London UK – 645 MS
  • San Antonio, TX, USA – 464 MS
  • Sydney, Australia – 1.1 S

It even earned, Page speed score of 99% which is quite impressive.


We ran several speed test, for different server locations on Pingdom and results was even better than GTMetrix.

  • North America USA San Francisco – 288 MS
  • South America Brazil Sao Paulo -790 MS
  • Pacific Sydney Australia – 1.00 S
  • Asia Japan Tokyo – 1.04S
  • Europe UK London – 441 MS

As you can see from the results Nexcess provides a lot on front of speed and performance, which means you can give same level of experience to your visitors every time they visit your website.

Final Words

Nexcess even though priced heavily and out of the race of being tagged as The Cheapest WordPress Hosting provider. The most premium services are offered to its customers and provide complete value for money in terms of free migrations, CDN services and 100% uptime. With round the clock support system in place, Nexcess is most reliable web host for website owners who don’t want any compromise as regards speed, security, scalability and performance.


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