DreamHost Review 2023 ! An All Inclusive Web Host.

With extensive customer base of 400000 customers in 100 countries and powering over 1.5 million Websites, blogs and applications. It has over 750000 WordPress installations. I think DreamHost has one of the best webhosting services for its customers. It’s also is one of the Oldest in webhosting industry with operations started way back in 1997.

With product offerings suitable for all sort of websites from beginners to advance. It offers Shared WordPress Hosting, Managed WordPress Hosting (Dream Press), VPS Hosting, Dedicated Hosting and Cloud Hosting.

It’s Webhosting with a purpose and make your site faster, more secure and up to date to your visitors.

How DreamHost is different from other Web Host

Well DreamHost provides an all-round offerings to its customers for varied requirements, with extensive range of website hosting products.

DreamHost is one of the top pick for making websites faster and responsive as it adapts to latest trends in the industry. DreamHost provides best in class speed, security and customer service to its customers.

Let’s look at the features, pricing and other aspects what DreamHost is offerings.

1. Easy to Use Dashboard (Super Easy to Use)

The all-inclusive dashboard provided by DreamHost is very easy to get used to. All you websites, Mails, Billing and supports are accessible from left panel. Also you can choose from what hosting you require from left panel i.e Managed WordPress, Dedicated Server, Cloud Server or VPS. Also create you site with Remixer which has websites themes, layouts to choose and create website with one click and can be fully customized.

2. All Inclusive (Full Featured)

DreamHost provides all-inclusive offerings to its customers and for all sort of customers from beginners to professionals.

Apart from Web Hosting of various types it also provides Website Builders, Domain Name services, Web Mail and package of Pro Services including Website Designing, Marketing Services, Website Management Services, SEO Marketing and Social Media Marketing.

It Has DreamHost Academy which is free and helps in

  • Building you online presence to get your Website up and running.
  • Start Getting Traffic which teaches proven traffic-generating activities you can harness to identify the right types of visitors and make sure they find website.
  • Optimize to Level Up which helps to optimize your website and marketing activities to increase your performance and take your website to greater success.

3. Fast And Reliable

All Webhost companies promise for 100% uptime, however DreamHost guarantee’s 100% uptime with any lapse it add back credits to clients account. With multiple datacenters locations, redundant cooling, emergency generators, and constant monitoring, we are confident that your site are up and running all the time.

DreamHost is committed for secure website presence with security features which include Multi Factor Authentication, auto-enabled sFTP and free SSL with Let’s Encrypt on all plans.

It has Auto Backups of your websites on daily basis.

All DreamHost servers are optimized for optimum WordPress performance. With Automatic WordPress updates and all seamless integrations your site is guarantee to run at peak performance.

With Fast Solid State Storage your website cache and database queries are faster 200% faster than old HDD.

If you are not satisfied with services which is rare case, DreamHost refunds your money within 97 days in case of Shared WordPress Hosting and 30 days in case of Managed WordPress Hosting.

4. Excellent Customer Support

An excellent customer support is very essential when you run in some issues that you don’t know how to fix. DreamHost provides pro level customer support who are best in business, skillful and striving 24/7 to make sure your hosting needs are met.

 With Customer support available 24/7 via Email or Chat, you are rest assured that all your site related queries are answered and resolved. The customer support is 100% in house with dedicated WordPress team who are well versed with ins and outs of the platform.

 5. DreamHost Plans and Pricing

DreamHost provides an all-inclusive plans to its customers, which are suitable to all sort of customers. Let’s check out the plans, pricing and features provided by DreamHost.

A. Shared WordPress Hosting

DreamHost provides one of the cheapest shared WordPress hosting to its customers. WordPress Starter is basically for starters and provides one website while on other hand WordPress Unlimited provides hosting for unlimited websites.

All other features remain same in both the plans like unlimited traffic bandwidth, Fast SSD storage, Free SSL, and free domain for one year. Apart from this, Dream Host has free WordPress site Migrations from other webhost.

The Monthly pricing is 4.95 $ for WordPress Starter and 8.95$ for WordPress Unlimited.

For one yearly contract the pricing is 2.95$ per month (35.4$ for one year) for both the WordPress starter and Unlimited.

If you make contract for 3 year the pricing is 2.59 $ per month (93.24 $ for 3 years) and 3.95$ per month (142.2$ for 3years) for WordPress Unlimited.

Custom Email is charged at 1.67$ per month for WordPress starter and its inclusive in WordPress Unlimited pricing. All plans has Automatic Backups of your site on daily basis.

When compared with other webhosts DreamHost do provide cheapest hosting.

B. Managed WordPress Hosting

With Increase in traffic and server sites limitations in Shared hosting, one has to move to Managed WordPress Hosting which provides more storage, more staging and CDN for more speed, security and optimized websites.

DreamHost provides DreamPress, DreamPress Plus and DreamPress Pro. All plans differ only on storage and CDN services.

  • Dream Press provides storage of 30GB SSD and is built for 100k monthly visitors.
  • Dream Press Plus has storage 60GB SSD and is built for 300k monthly visitors and has unlimited CDN and JET pack professional pre-installed.
  • Dream Press Pro has storage 120GB SSD and is built for 1 million plus monthly visitors and has unlimited CDN and JET pack professional pre-installed.

Apart from this, all plans comes with unlimited Emails, Unmetered bandwidth, one click staging for testing new themes and plugins before going live, SSL Certificate pre-installed. Free WordPress migrations from other Webhosts and WP Website Builder to create beautiful websites and Daily and on Demand Backups.

The monthly plans are

  • Dream Press: $12.00 per month
  • Dream Press Plus :$24.00 per month
  • Dream Press Pro :$79.95 per month

And yearly plans are

  • Dream Press: $ 16.95 per month (203.4 for one year)
  • Dream Press Plus :$ 24.95 per month (299.4 for one year)
  • Dream Press Pro :$71.95 per month (863.4 for one year)

With high performance cloud servers and best in class premium support services and advanced features Dream Press does provides a fast and secure website hosting for increasing traffic and sales of your websites.

C.VPS Hosting

VPS or Virtual Private Servers Hosting allocates resources that only your website can use. This results in unrivalled power, low latency and high performance. With growth in your website requirements, your virtual server also grows with increase in RAM and storage in no time. DreamHost VPS hosting provides unlimited bandwidth and traffic, expandable RAM and storage as required and managed performance, security and updates. DreamHost has 4 types of VPS hosting which differs on basis RAM and storage and can host unlimited Websites and unlimited custom Emails and Free SSL certificates. The pricing of VPS are

  • VPS Basic provides 1GB RAM and storage of 30 GB SSD.
  1. VPS Basic: 15$ for monthly plan
  2. VPS Basic: 13.75$ monthly for one year plan
  3. VPS Basic: 10.00$ monthly for three year plan
  • VPS Business provides 2GB RAM and storage of 60 GB SSD.
  1. VPS Business: 30$ for monthly plan
  2. VPS Business: 27.5$ monthly for one year plan
  3. VPS Business: 20.0$ monthly for three year plan
  • VPS Professional provides 4GB RAM and storage of 120 GB SSD.
  1. VPS Professional: 60$ for monthly plan
  2. VPS Professional: 55$ monthly for one year plan
  3. VPS Professional: 40$ monthly for three year plan
  • VPS Enterprise provides 8GB RAM and storage of 240GB SSD.
  1. VPS Enterprise: 120$ for monthly plan
  2. VPS Enterprise: 110$ monthly for one year plan
  3. VPS Enterprise: 80$ monthly for three year plan

Thus VPS offerings are suited for all sort of Websites from small too big and comes with advance features like automatic software updates, choose between Apache and Nginx, build with PHP7,Perl, Python, unlimited SFTP to allow people to access with secure logins and subversion repository to work in teams with password protection.

With no limit on sub accounts, mange your and your clients’ accounts with single and simple control panel. Also with easily scalable RAM and SSD storage, 100% Uptime Guarantee you be rest assured about your site performance.

D. Dedicated Server Hosting

DreamHost provides Dedicated Servers for customers requiring servers dedicated only for your website requirements i.e 100% of servers resources are allocated to your site and no sharing with any other websites.

Dedicated Server Hosting by DreamHost provides uncapped Bandwidth, 100% Network Uptime guarantee,24/7 tech support and server monitoring, full access to root and shell(SSH), Advance Easy to use custom panel. 

It also provides RAID1 Storage for increase performance and reliability and reseller and sub accounts can be handle from single panel. Be rest assured about performance with 24×7 DDoS protection and 2N+2 power redundancy.

DreamHost provides Dedicated Server Hosting with 2 plans which comes with different RAM and storage. The servers comes with 4 core and 12 cores Intel Xeon 8- 24 thread and Ram from 4 GB to 64 GB.

The storage range from 1 TB to 2 TB HDD and 240GB SSD for high performance.

The pricing starts from 169 $ per month to 299 $ per month for higher requirements on monthly plan.

The pricing starts from 149$ per month to 279$ per month for higher requirements for yearly plans.

With this varied Dedicated Server Hosting offerings from DreamHost is one of the best webhost for dedicated servers.

6)  Speed and Performance.

With 100% uptime guarantee we tested DreamHost demo website on GTMetrix and pingdom. On GTMetrix the results were:

  •  Avg Loading time: 819 MS (Vancouver Canada)
  •  Avg Loading time: 1.4 S (San Antonio TX America)
  •  Avg Loading time: 1.2 S (London UK). Also performance score of 98% it’s really fast.

On pingdom we found following results.

  • Avg Loading time: 877 MS (N America San Francisco)
  • Avg Loading time: 1.04 S (London UK)
  • Avg Loading time: 3.04 S (Asia Tokyo Japan)

The results are quite impressive for DreamHost with average load time less than 3 second.

On Uptime front, DreamHost provides 100% Uptime guarantee with any downtime it add credits to your account.


Wrap Up

With an all-inclusive offerings DreamHost is Webhost for all starters to professionals. DreamHost is also one of the recommended Webhost by WordPress, which is one of most trusted CMS and run on 40% websites worldwide.

DreamHost with its easy to use control panel,100% uptime guarantee, excellent customer support, fast and reliable SSD storage servers and varied plans from shared WordPress, Managed WordPress Hosting, VPS Hosting and Dedicated Web Hosting Dream host is one of the Best Webhosting provider.


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